Episode 9: The Grim Sleeper

Lonnie Franklin earned his nickname “The Grim Sleeper” after he killed multiple women in the 1980s, then took a 14 year break and started again in the early 2000s. For the most part, this serial rapist and murderer was well-liked by his community, and only shared his dark side with close friends. But even they didn’t see the whole picture.

If you’ve listened to this episode, you may remember that I talk briefly about the Chiron-Vertex opposition in Lonnie’s chart and how it might have affected his behaviors. I need to make a clarification: This opposition only exists if Lonnie was born between 11:25AM and 1:25PM on August 30th, 1952. The vertex moves very quickly compared to other planets in the chart, at a rate of a couple degrees per hour. If Lonnie was not born between the hours mentioned above, there may still be an aspect between the Vertex and Chiron, it just may not be an opposition.

12PM Chart for Lonnie Franklin
August 30th, 1952
Los Angeles, California, USA

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